Though separated by many countries, many states, many religions, many communities or by many languages, the human race is an indivisible entity. Every human mind is but the diversified individual manifestation of that same indivisible Cosmic Mind. Today we look forward to the advent of that artist, that writer who will convey this truth to the hearts of humanity in a still sweeter language, still more strongly and deeply. -P.R.Sarkar

The artist sees what others only catch a glimpse of. -Leonardo da vinci

Art is the journey to free oneself.

United we bloom

United we bloom

Akhil Krishna, a prodigy, who has had no formal training on fine arts, has probably inherited and learnt the nuances of fine arts under the tutelage of his father – a renowned artist himself.


This social art piece titled – “United we bloom”, is an extension of his creation titled – “Divided we bleed”. In this piece, Akhil urges the humanity to realise that this beautiful blue-green globe, is our only home, and we need to come together as “one world – one nation”, shunning aside all our petty differences. The artist illustrates his conviction that only this kind of unity will allow and support the Earth to blossom. He has also alluded to the fact that the unity will not come through forceful imposition, but will need to grow naturally from the bosom of the Earth. Such a unity will be the harbinger of peace, as symbolised by the white flag, and will let the Earth blossom and grow beautifully, taking the support of the ensign of peace. It is this that will eventually let the Earth hurtle towards a bright horizon, leaving the grey and dark past behind.


Conceptual art, Social Art


April 5, 2018

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