Though separated by many countries, many states, many religions, many communities or by many languages, the human race is an indivisible entity. Every human mind is but the diversified individual manifestation of that same indivisible Cosmic Mind. Today we look forward to the advent of that artist, that writer who will convey this truth to the hearts of humanity in a still sweeter language, still more strongly and deeply. -P.R.Sarkar

The artist sees what others only catch a glimpse of. -Leonardo da vinci

Art is the journey to free oneself.



As a non-profit movement, Studio Renaissance’s volunteers play a pivotal role in expanding our vision and mission. We are looking for passionate volunteers who can contribute to the promotion and propagation of our movement. You can contribute and be a part of us in following ways.


A call out for all the writers, painters, illustrators, or anyone who would want to contribute to our online material for our galleries, campaigns and knowledge centre etc.

Digital Campaigns

A  call out to budding filmmakers, animators, sound designers, or anything with an interest in motion media, to contribute to our digital campaigns by creating stories.

Art Studio

A  call out to passionate fine artists at our lively painting and sculpting studios by helping us in creating art for the new renaissance movement.


We welcome ideas and support in every possible way. In case you feel that you can contribute in any other way for the movement, please feel free to write to us. We will find a way for you to be a part of us.

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