Though separated by many countries, many states, many religions, many communities or by many languages, the human race is an indivisible entity. Every human mind is but the diversified individual manifestation of that same indivisible Cosmic Mind. Today we look forward to the advent of that artist, that writer who will convey this truth to the hearts of humanity in a still sweeter language, still more strongly and deeply. -P.R.Sarkar

The artist sees what others only catch a glimpse of. -Leonardo da vinci

Art is the journey to free oneself.

Our Story

“No dream is too big, and no dreamer too small” adage seems to be quite apt for our founder, Divyendu Anand.

Coming from a middle class family in Bokaro steel city, a cosmopolitan and industrial town in Jharkhand and close to West Bengal, India, high aspirations, openness to people, and interest in art were but natural for him. However, even as a child, beauty in form and texture inspired Divyendu. His parents recall him making very beautiful drawings, paintings and sculptures. Whether it was on the floor or the back of the notebook did not matter. An idealist, dreaming and curious mind, supported by family and friends, created in Divyendu a quest for peace, happiness, justice and beauty. A quest that still seems to propel him. And Studio Renaissance is perhaps a manifestation of the same quest.

As the young Divyendu’s mind developed, more esoteric questions regarding the purpose of one’s life, truth about one’s existence, the various beliefs and faiths, reason for social injustice, etc. started to arise. Regular school work seemed to be more mundane and uninteresting before these deeper interests and ideas. Perhaps the kind of schooling which emphasized more on rote learning, the three R’s and the rat-race were also responsible for the disenchantment with regular school work .

 Growing up with the dreamy thoughts of altruism, idealism and beauty, Divyendu joined National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT, Delhi) after high school. The journey at NIFT did provide him with avenues to develop techniques, to network, to know more about the world of art, the commercial utility of art, but it also created a psychic clash within him. The expectation of altruistic, idealistic and sublimity of expressions in art was not to be found here. Unable to find others who shared similar ideals and dreams, he decided to become stronger within to continue his quest.

Divyendu landed with a good product design job with Michael Aram, an award-winning, internationally-renowned American artist who has dedicated his career to craft-based design. The job gave him the freedom to design, to learn and explore, but dissatisfaction remained because the mind drifted towards more abstract ideas. A stint at executive management gave new insight, opportunities, and career paths. Yet, the thirst to explore art in more sublime forms remained. Questions about the purpose of art itself, rampant commercialization and politicization of the art industry only resulted in further delusion for the idealist part of Divyendu. But self-motivation, support from well-wishers, and transcendental experiences, slowly helped him get clarity and this resulted in the crystallization of the idea of Studio Renaissance. 

With Studio Renaissance, Divyendu hopes to give a platform to artists and artisans to create and spread the idea of art which is not bound by any limitations except that it aims to invoke in the artist as well as the spectator, feelings of sublime joy. In a nutshell through Studio Renaissance Divyendu hopes to place a brick in the upcoming castle of “Art for service and blessedness”.  


Divyendu Anand


By our very nature as human beings, we have such an attraction for so many beautiful people, places, ideas, sentiments. We yearn to develop subtle beauty in our inner and outer lives – and that is why so many people long to be glamorous and run after endless forms of beauty.

Studio Renaissance is here to restore art to its true role as the beacon and celebration of beauty at all levels of reality from the microscopic to the macroscopic, from the depths of your heart to the heart of the Cosmos.

Deep within us, there is a subtle and mystical world that is unseen and unrealized due to doctrines imposed on us. Smashing the shackles of these doctrines, we will take you to the world of boundless love that you have been longing for, and transform this mundane earth into a paradise.

Together we will awaken humanity to the boundless beauty inside of all beings and everywhere surrounding us. We are here to fight against every form of ugliness, selfishness, and hatred on this planet and not stop until they become beautiful expressions of their innermost sweetness, this is our pledge.

Art for us is not a profession, it is part of the mission of being neo-human. It is a mission to let the light of every heart shine out into the darkness of the universe like another Milky Way.

Who are we?

Studio Renaissance is a global non-profit movement to restore art as the dynamo of social unity and cultural enlightenment.
SR envisions a New-Artistic Renaissance where artists and writers work together as servant leaders of society to remove all divisions, bring oneness, reunite our global family and radiate this joy through their creations.
SR advocates that all the creative endeavor of human beings is dedicated to the blossoming of every single person in countless dimensions of our humanity – culture, economy, mysticism, morality, and spirituality. And this movement reaches out beyond the bounds of humanity, and includes every single being from elephants to nightingales, from mountains to dust particles – we declare and share our hearts with one and all.
Therefore, we call upon all the artists and writers across the globe to come together and build our collective vision, our movement for One Cosmic Society.
SR is committed to serving & supporting all the artists and writers who are servitors of our Universal Family.
We also humbly plead with all art connoisseurs and lovers of humanity to come forward to lead the movement for creating a world where people will be crying out of pure joy, not sorrow and where every single soul will regain their lost honor by dedicating themselves to adoring and caring for one and all.
This is our be-all and end-all – our call to all of you to come back to where we belong – home into the heart of the heart of our hearts.

Vision and Mission

Vision: New-Artistic Renaissance where artists and writers work together for the collective welfare of humanity. 

Mission: To make inner and outer worlds beautiful and bestow sublime joy to all.

Aims and Objectives

  • Carry out extensive research on the Science of Aesthetics and use it for all-round development and welfare of humanity
  • Research, review and re-create history for social unity and cultural enlightenment
  • Impart values and share intellectual knowledge for individual and collective progress
  • Support and promote artists and writers through various programmes and projects
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